We respect our environment

Environmental advocacy efforts.

This is the same approach the company has applied in respecting the environment. Indeed, the planet is a precious resource whose health is closely linked to our own. With the belief that each of us can make our own contribution, the company adopted environmentally sustainable solutions even before this approach became widespread.

Morganti Ferruccio s.r.l. was in fact one of the first companies to eliminate asbestos, before the material was banned by law. In addition, thanks to the continuous updating of machinery, it has always used high-performance tools capable of optimizing yield and consumption to the maximum.

Now everything that is recyclable is reused, the materials used are mostly certified, the lighting is entirely LED and much of the energy is self-produced through solar panels.

Great little attentions aimed at improving the quality of work of employees and safeguarding the health of the land while ensuring a better future for generations to come.